POD production

The production includes making all types of springs, spare parts for agricultural mechanization and springs for special purposes. In offer are also included powder-coating, shot penning and cutting with plasma technology.

POD commerce

The commerce includes all sorts of agricultural mechanization from different producers used in livestock, agriculture, fruit - growing and viticulture. Spare parts and services are insured for complete selling assortment.

Approved grants


POD proizvodnja opruga Ltd has achieved the right to a EU Structural Funds grant, which is being financed under the project grant, "Increasing economic activity and competitiveness of SMEs", which is funded under the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program 2007. - 2013.

Upon the invitation of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Central Financing and Contracting Agency of EU Projects, 130 applications were received and 28 beneficiaries were selected with projects amounting to 641.513.136,15 kn, and which are being co-funded by the European Union in the amount of 249.430.113,88 kn, with POD Ltd. being one of them.

POD d.o.o. qualified for a grant from the European Regional Development Fund for a project entitled "Investing in the future - a new investment cycle 2014. - 2018." whose total value amounts to 10.524.796,84 kn, of which awarded grant amounts to 4.585.519,31 kn.


Contract grant from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Central Finance and Contracting Agency and POD proizvodnja opruga Ltd. was signed on 1st of August 2014. Period for implementation of project activities is 24 months.

The purpose of the project is improved levels of efficiency and productivity of POD Ltd. through investment in new production technology, control and testing of springs, management and market expansion. Accordingly, the project is based on four key areas of investment:

  • Modernizing technologies for production, control and testing of spring
  • Implementation of OHSAS 18001 standard - safety and health management system that complements the existing standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and meeting with the conditions needed for sectoral expansion
  • Training employees to work with new technology and meeting the with the new business standards
  • Presenting company at the international fair in order to enter new foreign markets

Besides the direct positive effects of the projects implementation in POD Ltd., awarded grant will contribute to boosting the economic activity and competitiveness of SMEs in the Republic of Croatia through investment in modernizing machinery for the manufacture of springs and improving competitiveness in the international market.


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