POD production

The production includes making all types of springs, spare parts for agricultural mechanization and springs for special purposes. In offer are also included powder-coating, shot penning and cutting with plasma technology.

POD commerce

The commerce includes all sorts of agricultural mechanization from different producers used in livestock, agriculture, fruit - growing and viticulture. Spare parts and services are insured for complete selling assortment.

EIMA Bologna 2014 report

POD Ltd. has for the first time this year decided to exhibit of our products and establish direct business contacts at the fair of agricultural machinery and other components EIMA in Bologna. The reason for turning the Italian market lies in the fact that it is interesting to us because there are many manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The market itself also has a lot of competition but with planned investments and a clear vision of development we want to be competitive in terms of quality as well as price.

POD proizvodnja opruga Ltd has became a beneficiary of the grant within the project "Support for Increasing the Competitiveness of Croatian SMEs", which is funded under the IPA program of the European Union in Croatia - Regional Competitiveness. This year's standalone exhibition is part of the promotional activities under the project titled "Precision - Efficiency - Productivity - Competitveness: Optimization of Double Torsion Spring Production" which is co-funded by the European union.

Total value of the project amounts to € 218,267.26:

  • contribution sought in this application from the EU - € 178,979.15 (82.00%)
  • co-financing by POD - € 39,288.11 (18.00%)

Estimated project duration is 18 months.

More information about the goals and activities of the project can be found at the following section of our webpage - IPA IIIc.

More information about the program EuropeAid Development and Cooperation, the EU itself and the structural funds You can find online




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