Are you looking for a distributor for Croatian market?

POD is a family owned company with over 45 years of tradition. Our Commerce department is specialized in sales of tractors, agricultural implements, spare parts and services. We cover the Croatian market through wholesales, retail stores, web shop and individual contact with end customers.

The company has implemented following management systems:

Quality - ISO 9001

Environment - ISO 14001

Safety - ISO 18001

Our activities include many practical demos of the machine in work, customer visits as well as advertising online and in the renowned newspapers. All of our activities are based on our Annual plan of activities we do for each brand we distribute in Croatia.  If you have an interesting product/service that you would like to offer to Croatian customers and you are searching for a strong partner to help you, feel free to contact us!

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POD commerce

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POD proizvodnja opruga Ltd.
POD Ltd (short name)
Dežanovac 234, 43500 Daruvar, Croatia
VAT: 03398907795


POD Production
T: +385 (0)43/381-045, 381-217

Working hours: 07:30 - 15:30

POD Commerce

Agricultural mechanization:
T: +385 (0)43/381-333, 381-298, 381-299
F: +385 (0)43/381-022

Spare parts:
T: +385 (0)43/381-366, 381-353, 381-350
F: +385 (0)43/381-022

M: +385 (0)98/391-121

Working hours: 07:30 - 15:30

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